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CATS Dice Set: Pixel

CATS Dice Set: Pixel

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The cat’s green eyes… Q WORKSHOP presents the never-before-seen CATS Dice Set: Pixel. This totally new design shows playful cats and their everyday activities! Each of the 7 dice has different felines posing on the highest face. The bottle-green material and golden paintings bring about the ever-vigilant cat’s eyes. Follow their gaze and follow these dice’s moves!
Cats are amazing creatures. Many people think that they are just fluffy pets that often give in to their whims... even though they were once considered sacred animals, able to see the invisible. Today, they are domesticated, treated like adorable furries with no significance or like dignified rulers graciously allowing us to feed and caress them. Of course, some people know cats mainly from funny videos on the Internet -- and we think each of us knows what's on them... The truth, at least sometimes!

Those who love cats understand the power of their gaze. Feline eyes, always intense in color, flawlessly and faithfully track every movement that captures their attention. It's remarkable how they can stare for a long time at seemingly empty spaces, giving rise to beliefs that they perceive things invisible to humans. When the surroundings dim, when they are content or preparing to pounce on their chosen target, their pupils transform from narrow slits into giant saucers. This often has an endearing effect on people, and rightfully so! Pixel's eyes, to whom we dedicate these dice, have a mixed green hue, occasionally adorned with golden flecks. He is an incredibly vigilant observer, even for a cat, and we always follow his gaze with curiosity, wondering what he might be seeing...

Many people at Q WORKSHOP love cats. Sure, we are aware of their little quirks and humor, but most of all, we consider ourselves born under a lucky star as we can bask in the splendor of the epicness of these furry balls of charm. It was only a matter of time before the Cat Dice Set was created! Now, we are giving this little cat tribute to you to be used as you wish! Of course, you have to remember that cats are essentially independent and unpredictable creatures - and these dice will probably behave the same way...

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