Aotrs105 Keening Abyss Corvette (3)

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Army Of The Red Spear

Fleet scale

64.16mm x 26.46mm x 18.03mm

The Keening Abyss, operational in 2337, is designed on the same principles as the older and successful Howling Void Battlecruiser. The Keening Abyss, however, is designed for close-range attack, taking over the role that the Frostbeams had been fulfilling. The Keening Abyss has larger drives, making it faster despite its greater size and yet the same protection. The Keening Abyss’ primary armament is a cut-down version of the Howling Void's, “god-killer” thaumic lighting cannon. (This has been humorously termed the “god-botherer” by the crews.) The single array, while not more powerful than the Frostbeam’s initial turrets in tandem, has the same range as the Howling Void’s. While nowhere near as powerful as the Howling Void’s the Keening Abyss’ ritual core functions in the same way, allowing the same sort of weapon enchantments to be applied; though at either greater caster investment or a significantly smaller return. Theoretically, a Keening Abyss could even function is place of a Howling Void in “god-slayer” formation with a Liche’s Wrath, though likely such an instance would have to carefully monitored so the channelled power did overload the Keening Abyss’ less powerful array.

The Keening Abyss also mounts three short-range plasma-pulse cannons. In concert with the thaumic lightning array, the Keening Abyss can strip away a lot of enemy shields and armour, allowing the Subterfuge that it is often deployed to accompany to slice the enemy to pieces. Even alone, the greater efficacy of the plasma-pulse cannons against an unarmoured hull makes it a dangerous vessel.

A quartet of light coldbeam turrets provide a little defence against missiles and fighters – or further offence against capital ships who shields and armour is has blasted away.