Aotrs008 Dirge Wardroid Transport (6)

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Army Of The Red Spear

Fleet scale

18.84mm x 9.28mm x 12.12mm

The Dirge fills the role of heavy APC and dropship. While not as big as a typical dropship, they are still quite sizable. Lacking a Gate drive of their own, Dirges are generally only used for orbital or Gate insertions from larger vessels (or via spellcasters). Little more than a box with external engines and turrets, Dirges can carry up to 32 troops. The Dirge’s entire front hinges down into a ramp. The presence of the pyramid structure on the front (the shield generator and primary sensor array housing) means that the Dirge must hover off the ground to disgorge its troops, or place down its telescopic landing struts and sit as if on stilts. This compromise was made as it maximised the Dirge’s internal capacity for its volume – and because it’s most typical cargo is considered expendable and does not use cover to any degree anyway.

Dirges are by far most often used to transport War Droid platoons. They are large enough to carry Enragers (both the Mk 1 and the newer Mk 2s), and often a platoon of three supplements a typical War Droid and Hunter Drone deployment. The Dirge is most often, then, expected to fly in and disgorge the War Droids under fire, without attempting to land. To facilitate this, the Dirge’s internal cargo bay walls are armoured almost as much as the external hull.

The crew compartment is at the rear, behind this armoured wall, and the Dirge is flown entirely via instrumentation. However, a significant portion of Dirges, especially those used for War Droid transport, are fully automated robotic vehicles themselves.

When used by other troops, the Dirges often carry light vehicles such as the Scitalis Recon Cycle and its predecessors as well as foot infantry.

Dirges are heavily shielded, but otherwise only have poor mobility. They are only lightly armed, with two support coldbeam sponson turrets and a single ventral Class 5 turret. This low-cost approach makes the typical Dirge as expendable a resource as the War Droids in carries.