Adeptus Titanicus: Open Engine War Card Pack

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The battlefields of the Horus Heresy are countless, and the war engines of the Adeptus Titanicus fight in many different kinds of brutal engagement. With this 50-card set, you can create new ways to play, ensuring that no two games of Adeptus Titanicus need ever be the same.

Choose a Deployment Map and Primary Objective, then add Secondary Objectives that are unique to each player. If you want to represent the world and area in which your god-machines battle, Planetary Effects and Battlefield Effects add additional hazards and opportunities to outwit your enemy. With these handy cards, you'll have your mission defined in moments, ready for battle!

This set contains 50 cards:
– 1x How to Use
– 9x Deployment Maps
– 6x Primary Objectives
– 12x Secondary Objectives
– 10x Planetary Effects
– 12x Battlefield Effects

A copy of the Adeptus Titanicus rules is required to use the contents of this set.