COVID-19 Store Safety Rules

Dearest Patrons

As of today 08/02/2021, lock-down conditions have been lifted and we are open for business but there are still rules we need to follow. This means a number of things that affect the way you can interact with our store and avail yourselves of our products and services:

  1. Our physical store is now accessible to you as is the online store.
  2. There can be no more than two of you inside the store at any given time
  3. Social distancing of 2m must be maintained
  4. Masks are mandatory if you want to come inside. If not you will just look silly waving your arms about outside the shop window wont you?
  5. Please use the sanitizer provided for you at the entrance to the store
  6. Please avoid handling the merchandise, seek assistance from the store staff...that's what they are there for.
  7. While it's lovely to see you all again, please keep your visits short and to the point so that we can avoid queuing outside the store.
  8. You can reach us via email ( or via our Facebook page.
  9. We will be executing all our online orders via Akis Express. As I'm sure you can understand, they will be under far greater stress due to the conditions we will be going into. This means that orders may take longer to be delivered to you due to increased workload. Please be patient with both us and them.

We are almost there people, lets not screw this up now....

Many Thanks

Team Isengard