Dearest Patrons

As of 10/05/2021, lock-down conditions have been terminated, which means the our physical store is now open.However, there are still rules you need to follow so that you can interact with our store and avail yourselves of our products and services:

  1. Our physical store is now open until some genius in the government has another conniption. Please refer to our working hours for more info
  2. Our online store will be fully open to you as normal
  3. We will be delivering to you via Akis Express either to your home or the nearest Akis store as usual if you are in-country.
  4. International orders will be delivered via EMS Datapost as normal
  5. If you decide to pick you order up at the store you are now able to do so
  6. You can reach us via email ( or via our Facebook page. You can of course go full classic and call us at 22680700 during working hours.
  7. Events are still suspended until further notice. We will hopefully be able to resume those too come June.
  8. When visiting the store, please remember to wear your mask.
  9. We cannot admit more than eight people in the store at a time.

Fingers crossed someone with authority doesn't get any funny ideas.

Many Thanks

Team Isengard